Online Learning Journal: Assignment 1

What is social networking?

Social networking is people inter-connecting with one another in social groups or communities through common interests, activities or values.  Within social networks people can share, interact and communicate information, viewpoints, and experiences with one another.  An example of a social network could be a group of people who work together. 

In the Web 2.0 environment, online social networks allow people to publish their own content in variety of media including text, images or video.  Information can be published on any subject and may be for friends, a select group/community or the general public on the web (De Rosa, Cantrell, Havens, Hawk, & Jenkins, 2007, section 2-1).

My current experience with social networking technologies and websites-

I have used social media sites such a YouTube, Flicker and I recently joined the social networking site Facebook for personal purposes.  When I am researching a topic whether for work or while studying, I often find blogs to be useful sources of information but I have not consistently followed a blog.

What do I expect to learn?

By completing the subject INF206 Social Networking for Information Professional I should learn about a broad range of Web 2.0 technologies and social softwares available and through personal experience learn how they work and their function in social networking. 

I expect to learn how social networking and Web 2.0 technologies can be used by libraries to enhance services offered and communicate with those being served.  I believe I will learn about the many issues and aspects that must be considered prior to developing a policy and plan for the use of social networking in a library environment.


De Rosa, C., Cantrell, J., Havens, A., Hawk, J., & Jenkins, L. (2007). Sharing privacy and trust in our networked world: A report to the OCLC membership.   Available from

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