ASU Libraries

The ASU Libraries (Arizona State University) use a variety of Web 2.0 tools,  The Library Minute videos available are one example.  The videos are informative, fun and provide an easy way to learn about the libraries services using a popular social media site.  Clearly some effort has been made to make the videos engaging and interesting, with clips from well known movies, music and similar being added.  The videos are short as their name suggests, making them accessible due to the small commitment of time required by busy students.  While it is not clear if students participate in making the videos, comments can be made on them.

Other Web 2.0 tools ASU libraries are using include Twitter and Facebook.  Both are being used to converse with library users.  In the Twitter feed, two way conversations are clearly discernible as responses to question or issues raised by users are addressed.  Likewise Facebook actively encourages feedback from users, together with information regarding changes to services, events and announcements.

Subject librarians are introduced with a photo, their subjects, the campus they are located at and their email address so they can be contacted and this helps to create a sense of community, putting a real person into a virtual environment.

The 4Cs of social media are collaboration, conversation, community and content creation.  Are the ASU libraries achieving the 4Cs through their use of these Web 2.0 tools?  The students using the ASU libraries together with staff form a community.  The libraries engage in two way communication and create content.  The ASU libraries are working to meet the needs of their users and encourage participation in directing the services offered so that the ASU Libraries reaches their goal, “we want to be Your Library” (Arizona State University Libraries, 2011).  In this way library users and the library collaborate to provide the services that are needed or desired by the users, thereby remaining responsive and relevant.

The ASU Libraries are successfully using social media demonstrating some of the concepts of Library 2.0 based on collaboration, conversation, community and content creation and as such, provide a good example of participatory library service.


Arizona State University Libraries (2011). The library minute: The social connection. Video retrieved December 11, 2011, from

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