A to Z of Social Networking for Libraries

This list A to Z of Social Networking for Libraries provides an alphabetical list of advice for libraries.  The advice has been considered in the context of an employee at public library.  The public library is located in Colac and is a branch of the Corangamite Regional Library Corporation.  The library is currently not involved in social networking.

Advice was selected from the list assuming the library wants to become involved in social networking.

  • A: Active
  • C: Content
  • E: E-books
  • H: Help
  • J: Joomla

Active: Once a start has been made in social networking, it needs to be used regularly.  This will create a good impression with users, rather than giving the impression that the library is not really interested in being involved and does not think it’s worth applying resources to.

Content must be of value to library users.  Content should be relevant, worth reading and can be appreciated.

E-books:  The library has a large collection of E-Audio books that could be used more, getter exposure will help.  In 2012 an E-books collection will be started and this is a good way to help make sure people know that they are available.

Help – Getting the whole team involved and providing ideas for content will be far more effective than relying on one or two people.  Also it will alleviate dependence that causes problems when staff are on leave.

Joomla: Having the libraries website based on this open source software will make it easier to edit and link to social networking features.  One public library found that their Facebook fans were coming from their website using the links embedded rather than through Facebook itself (Gosling, Harper, & McLean, 2009).  The library website will soon be based on Joomla.


Gosling, M., Harper, G., & McLean, M. (2009). Public library 2.0: Some Australian experiences. Electronic Library, 5, 846-855.

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