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Assignment 3, Part 2 – Evaluative Report

This report comprises two parts, part A is an evaluative statement using three experiences in my online learning journal (OLJ) to demonstrate meeting the five learning objectives for INF206 as published in the subject outline.  Part B is a reflective … Continue reading

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Social Media Policy

If I was asked to advise a working party developing a Social Media Policy regarding customers or clients use of an organisation’s social networking sites or computers/network, the following would be the five key points or areas that I would … Continue reading

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Two Take Home Messages

After reading a number of article on issues related to finding authentic information in a socially network world, I have been given the task of identifying two take home messages that I believe will inform my work as an information … Continue reading

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Online Identity

Our identity is what makes us who we are.  Oxford dictionary defines identity as “ condition of being a specific person,” involving our personality and individuality (Sykes, 1976, p. 533).  Organisations likewise can have an identity that makes them unique … Continue reading

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These are my reflections on some areas of policy and my future as an information professional. When I reflect upon of the role of public libraries in providing “free Internet access,” I have the view that this is a service … Continue reading

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Information Policy – Why?

After watching this video Did You Know 4.0 created by xplanevisualthinking (Sept 14, 2009) under a Creative Commons Attribution licence. I considered some of the shifts or changes in individual’s behaviour as a digital citizen that the video highlighted and … Continue reading

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Developing a Draft Social Media Marketing Strategy

The following steps and questions may be useful when considering how to go about developing a draft social media marketing strategy. Develop a plan and write it down (Brown, 2009).  Consider what your objective is? What do you want to market?  … Continue reading

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