An Informational Professional in a Web 2.0 World

This is what I believe an information professional should be like in our Web 2.0 world.

Information professionals work in many environments and contexts which will vary the level skills and knowledge required but some attributes will be common to all.  I believe an information professional will desire to serve peoples needs (whoever they serve) but not just serve, but to provide excellent service, wanting people to succeed because they had the right information, the right skills, and the right tools at the right time.

I believe this desire to provide excellent service will spur an information professional to look for opportunities to improve service by effectively using Web 2.0 technologies.  They will possess a good understanding of systems and technologies, plus the skills to use them.  Information professionals will know who they are serving, what their needs are, how their needs are changing and will respond.

An information professional will be open minded, flexible, always learning, having an enquiring mind, prepared to experiment, and they understand the power of the Web.  They communicate and encourage communication whether in person, writing, phone, chat, Skype or whatever form the conversation/interaction is taking place.

Information professionals recognise the value and knowledge of others, they network and use their connections to learn, to keep informed, and they share and want to share what they know with co-workers and others.  They are not limited by their own environment or context but seek inspiration, ideas from outside, thinking about how they can be adapted to provide the best result.

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