Personal Learning Network (PLN)

My Current Personal Learning Network

My Personal Learning Network

My Stage of Personal Learning Network Adoption

These thoughts are based on Jeff Utecht’s blog post The Thinking Stick | Stages of PLN Adoption suggesting the 5 stages of Personal Learning Network (PLN) adoption are:-

  • First:  Immersion
  • Second: Evaluation
  • Third:  Know it all
  • Fourth:  Perception
  • Fifth:  Balance

I would consider myself at the immersion stage as I am certainly immersing myself at the moment creating some new networks.  While I have had a PLN for many years this subject has help me to broaden my networks and find new sources of ideas and inspiration.  At the same time I would like to think of myself being at the balanced stage as I recognise I can’t learn everything I would like to but know I can come back to learning about some interests at a future time and it will still be attainable for me then.  Given that I am a student with prescribe learning to complete, in addition to working full time and having family responsibilities I have to be realistic about how much personal learning I can engage it at this stage.

My PLN helps me improve the quality of my work.  The SPUN (Spydus Users Network) has provides me with many solutions to library management system problems and inspiration to improve library services knowing what other libraries are doing how they are utilising the software to advantage.  By adding additional sources to my network I believe I will be able to maintain a big picture perspective of the library and information industry, keeping up to date with how new technologies are changing operations.  I now realise this has been a gap in my PLN and hope to improve this now and into the future as I evaluate the changes I am making to my network.  I also hope to improve my PLN by greater participation in online social networking.

My personal life is enhanced by my PLN as ideas and inspiration become topics of conversation within the household adding further perspective and debate.  Use of my personal time still needs to be balanced between my aforementioned responsibilities.  I look forward to the time when I can use my PLN to the best advantage.




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