Developing a Draft Social Media Marketing Strategy

The following steps and questions may be useful when considering how to go about developing a draft social media marketing strategy.

Develop a plan and write it down (Brown, 2009).  Consider what your objective is? What do you want to market?  Which services, products or program are you looking to market?  Who do you want to reach?  Who is your market segment?  Do some research into the type of online behaviour that will reach your audience or market segment.  What social media are they using?  Select the social media that will reach your audience.  How much do you have to spend on marketing?  How much time will you allocate to your marketing?  Do not over commit to many social media options if you are not going to be able to manage them well, allowing for good interaction and developing fresh content.

When I think of developing a marketing strategy for the local public library:-  The objective could be to connect with parents and carers of pre-school aged children (0-5 years), with the goal of improving attendance at children’s programs and informing parents of the many services available to assist parents in their role and to aid in the healthy development of their children.  A key message might be helping children to develop the skills that will serve as a foundation to their literacy development.  What social media might be appropriate to reach parents with children in this age group?  Facebook might be an option for reaching mothers (Brown, 2009).  You Tube may also be used by this market segment.  Further research might be necessary to select the most appropriate social media.  How much is the library willing to committee in terms of resources, staff time, etc.?  Does the library have the ability to make video footage?  Then the library needs to consider when they are going to start and how they are going to make the audience aware of the library’s presence and start the conversation.


Brown, A. (2009). Developing an effective social media marketing strategy. Salt Lake City Social Media Examiner (July 30).

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