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Assignment 3, Part 2 – Evaluative Report

This report comprises two parts, part A is an evaluative statement using three experiences in my online learning journal (OLJ) to demonstrate meeting the five learning objectives for INF206 as published in the subject outline.  Part B is a reflective … Continue reading

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Social Media Policy

If I was asked to advise a working party developing a Social Media Policy regarding customers or clients use of an organisation’s social networking sites or computers/network, the following would be the five key points or areas that I would … Continue reading

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ASU Libraries

The ASU Libraries (Arizona State University) use a variety of Web 2.0 tools,  The Library Minute videos available are one example.  The videos are informative, fun and provide an easy way to learn about the libraries services using a popular … Continue reading

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Delicious: a social bookmarking service

The Delicious social bookmarking service provides a place in the “cloud” to store bookmarks to online resources and tools making the data available from any computer with internet and account access (“Cloud computing,” 2009). There is a range of functionality … Continue reading

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